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  • Social and cultural warfare degrades us additional and an increasing number of letters to editors

Social and cultural warfare degrades us additional and an increasing number of letters to editors

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Social and cultural warfare degrades us additional

The Republican Get together has swallowed its personal poison capsule for worry it has been peddling for over 45 years. And now they’re afraid of a person.

For many years the Republican Get together has warned us about immigrants taking our jobs and the socialist agenda to destroy the oil and fuel trade. They have been certain the Liberals would take everybody’s weapons and impose insufferable taxes on the American individuals.

All of this was a smokescreen for his or her actual agenda which globally achieved their objectives of deregulating and avoiding fiscal legal responsibility and enhancing society.

The previous 4 and a half many years have been the fruits of the New Deal, which has been the largest driving pressure behind the creation of the center class and the so-called “Best Era”.

The social warfare that Barry Goldwater’s Republicans of the Sixties began continues to degrade our society right now. I worry this may proceed to drive this nation to break until we the individuals get up and keep engaged. It isn’t about defeating a person; it’s about defeating an ideology of wealthy white male supremacy. It is going to take a Herculean effort to ship them to the ash pan of historical past.

John mathna

Obsession with the anthem is a misplaced precedence

The Tennessee state legislature definitely confronted a troublesome 2020, now 2021. The COVID-19 virus has had a tragic influence on Tennessee, with over half 1,000,000 circumstances and over 11,000 deaths since February 2020. It could seem that these points have posed a higher problem than the way in which Tennessee state college athletes select to answer the studying of the nationwide anthem.

Just lately, a gaggle of lawmakers issued an edict on gamers “taking a knee” throughout the anthem. Sending such an official message takes time. Time to get collectively, time to talk, time to compose, rewrite, compose once more and get the phrase out.

They may have thought of COVID-19 to have been significantly arduous on some underprivileged communities. It’s potential that these athletes suffered tragic private losses of relations and buddies. Lawmakers may need sought to search out out why these college students took the place that they had chosen. As a substitute of an edict, a dialog may need been one of the best motion.

If any of those athletes have been my son or daughter, I might be very happy with their resolution to make their assertion peacefully.

Clare sawyer


Doesn’t help Medicaid block-grant

Federal officers have permitted Tennessee’s proposal to dam Medicaid. It is dangerous for our collective well being.

Let’s check out the influence of the block grant: it gives an incentive to economize when TennCare is already lightened. And nothing prevents our lawmakers from transferring financial savings to different elements of the state finances.

There isn’t any dedication to extend enrollments, nor extra protections in opposition to unsubscribing, which regularly happens resulting from administrative boundaries.

This offers the state much less oversight and accountability for billions of taxpayer {dollars}.

It has no constructive influence on Tennessee’s most critical well being crises, particularly: the pandemic, entry to rural well being care and hospital closures.

We will do higher than that. Thirty-seven different states (plus DC) have used federal funds to increase Medicaid to working households. Former Governor Invoice Haslam tried however was blocked by the legislature. Such a plan would usher in $ 1.4 billion a yr in new federal funds for well being care and provides 300,000 Tennesseans the well being protection they want.

And if the pandemic has taught us something, it is that expanded healthcare is making communities safer for everybody.

Katie Larue

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