July 22, 2021
  • July 22, 2021

Indigo Ag launches a new carbon agriculture program: Carbon by Indigo

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Indigo Agriculture has announced its intention to unveil a new brand identity for its carbon agriculture program: Carbon by Indigo. The renewed identity will officially debut at the inaugural ‘Connecting Carbon Agriculture’ learning session on June 23. The session will bring together farmers, private industry experts and scientific experts supporting the development of a strong global market for agricultural carbon credits.

Backed by committed buyers of verified agricultural carbon credits, Carbon works with producers every step of the way in the carbon farming journey, from those who are just starting to think about implementing their first cover crop, to those who are more. advanced on the road to regeneration. The program enables informed decision making through a combination of learning resources, agronomic tools and community development efforts.

According to Indigo Ag’s Marketing Director, Jennifer Betka, “Carbon by Indigo reflects the long-term transformation journey that a decision to grow carbon brings about. By putting ‘carbon’ at the forefront, we simply hope to speak to the values ​​that characterize us: shared ownership, collaboration and maximum value for all – which guide our support to stakeholders on this journey of sustainable business and stewardship. lands. “

As private companies increasingly seek scientific strategies to combat the environmental impact of their operations, the demand for verified offsets (and subsequent interest in regenerative agricultural techniques that generate this new asset) has continued to grow. increase. Farmers are about to reap the economic and environmental benefits of growing a new crop (carbon). Yet access to information is a key challenge to get started. A recent study by Purdue University’s Agricultural Economics Barometer found that while producers were aware of the opportunities to earn income by growing carbon, less than 1% contracted with a program to help them. to do it. The results are in line with a recent Nielsen survey commissioned by Indigo, which highlighted that farmers need informed decision-making support to move an agenda forward today.

“We want to ensure that ‘agricultural carbon’ is understood beyond the sole soil health benefits it provides in order to realize its potential as a source of long-term productivity and pride for the agricultural industry. Said Chris Harbourt, Global Head of Carbon by Indigo. “The question for farmers is no longer whether the opportunity to become a carbon credit producer exists, but how can I produce carbon credits in a way that broadens my access to the transformative economic opportunity of this new frontier. With Carbon by Indigo, we have created an experience that puts producers in the driver’s seat, offering them full support – educational, financial, operational, technological – as they grow and evolve their operation for years to come. come.”

By leveraging the technological and scientific capabilities of Indigo Ag, Carbon provides stakeholders across the agricultural carbon ecosystem with digital solutions and market intelligence to ensure that the knowledge base of the agricultural industry keeps pace with the rapidly developing carbon market. To facilitate this understanding, Carbon by Indigo has relied on its programmatic experience with the launch of several new components available free of charge to all producers, regardless of registration status. The cornerstone of these education efforts is “Carbon Farming Connection”, a virtual community learning session held on Wednesday, June 23. The event promises to answer the questions that preoccupy many farmers today: why, when and how should I cultivate carbon?

Paving the way for lifelong learning for those considering adopting beneficial new farming practices, the company also recently launched Carbon College, a free online series designed to deepen understanding of the agronomic foundations of regenerative agricultural practices and reduce barriers to adoption of practice change. Accredited by the Certified Crop Advisor program, the self-guided course provides on-farm applicable information and data-driven recommendations for adopting soil health techniques and generating carbon credits in agriculture. Carbon College expands the company’s range of educational content, including recurring soil health and profitability strategy webinars for those considering the short- and long-term benefits of enrolling in a carbon program .

To learn more about these resources, visit Indigo AG website or register for Carbon Farming Connection.

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