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Foul play by champion Shiva, tough in online chess event

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Nagpur, May 31 The Nagpur District Chess Association (NDCA) held a Blitz online chess tournament in …

Foul play by champion Shiva, tough in online chess event

Nagpur, May 31

The Nagpur District Chess Association (NDCA) organized the Blitz Online Chess Tournament in favor of Umesh Panbude with the noble intention of raising funds to help the family of the famous chess coach after his sad disappearance due to the coronavirus. However, controversy marred the tournament when Arena Grand Master (AGM) champion Shiva Iyer and third place holder Harsh Nachankar were banned by Lichess (the online platform) for their foul play on Sunday.

It can be mentioned here that since the lockdown was imposed in March 2020 due to the Corona pandemic, the online form of the chess tournament has become very popular as players can participate without venturing out of their homes. So far, the NDCA has hosted 16 blitz and six quick tournaments with large participation from district players. Except for a few minor cases of cheating, the tournaments went smoothly. Shiva Iyer became the champion of maximum tournaments. However, in Panbude Benefit Tournament, Lichess blocked his ID card with Harsh Nachankar when they were found involved in an unfair practice. In fact, “Lichess” had been watching Iyer’s movements continuously for the past year and eventually he was caught cheating.

According to NDCA secretary KK Barat, the “lich” blocked the credentials of the two players. The NDCA will withhold their prices and in a few days the decision to ban them will be taken. We learn from reliable sources that the two players will be banned for two or three tournaments.

This is not the only case where a player in town has been banned from a chess tournament. Previously, GM Raunak Sadhwani was also banned by Lichess for foul play during the online chess tournament in February 2021.

Online format is good but requires honesty: Deshmukh

Responding to the development, IM Anup Deshmukh said that in a pandemic situation, the online format of the chess tournament is good for keeping players busy but at the same time it takes a lot of honesty and passion for the game. from Iyer suddenly. In fact, they had been watching his movements for a year as his game improved rapidly. No player can win the tournaments continuously, but unfortunately some players get involved in bad practices to earn name, fame and money.

Common ways to cheat

Speaking to Lokmat Times chess referee Pravin Panttawne said that using a chess engine, a computer program, while playing online is one of the methods players use to cheat . . Computer programs, which power chess engines, and applications can help a chess player play accurately and very quickly. Players can also get a prompt from those higher rated than them on an electronic device, which is difficult to detect because the game is played on a screen.

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