July 2, 2022
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Elden Ring: How to defeat the ancient dragon Greyoll

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Greyoll is an ancient dragon in Ring of Elden who lies lazily in a large clearing west of Fort Faroth in Dragonburrow, Caelid. Afflicted with scarlet rot, this enormous dragon is both flightless and immobile. Therefore, its only defense is its offspring, small dragons that patrol the nearby surroundings. Ternies can recognize his young by his glowing red eyes and inability to use magic, including basic fire breathing. Killing his wyrmlings will reward adventurers with around 4,000 runes each, and killing Greyoll will give Tarnished 50,000 Runes and five dragon hearts. His death also opens Greyoll’s Roar at the Cathedral of the Dragon’s Fellowship.

Defeat Elder Dragon Greyoll in the Elden Ring

Defeat Elder Dragon Greyoll in the Elden Ring

The easiest way to slay Elder Dragon Greyoll in Ring of Elden is by equipping a Bleeding Armament such as the Uchigatana and severing the back of its tail near the Fort Faroth Grace Site. This method will take several minutes, but each blood loss will reduce Greyoll’s HP by 15%, depending on the player’s Arcane.


Elden Ring: Caelid Catacombs Walkthrough

The best part of killing Greyoll with the ‘Bleeding Method’ is that it can be done at a very low level. Starting out as a samurai will inherently provide the player with Uchigatana. From the first step of the site of grace, the tarnished box travel to the sending gate of the Bestial Sanctum behind Marika’s Third Church in Limgrave. After traveling to Fort Faroth, they should be able to defeat Greyoll within minutes, earning them 50,000 “free” runes and several dragon hearts.

On the other hand, the high-level tarnish can defeat Greyoll in Ring of Elden killing her baby. Each time one of the glowing-eyed dragons dies, Greyoll loses 20% of his HP. As a result, once players kill five of his children, the Elder Dragon will die, granting players the aforementioned loot. Whichever method is used, tarnished are recommended to consume a gold marinated fowl foot before Greyoll perishes to receive a significantly higher number of runes.

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