June 19, 2021
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Venezuela Says Payments to COVAX Immunization System Blocked | WKZO | All Kalamazoo

by on June 10, 2021 0

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan officials said Thursday that the country’s government was unable to make the payment required to receive the coronavirus vaccines because transfers to the global COVAX vaccine program were blocked. President Nicolas Maduro’s government said for months it was unable to pay for the COVAX program due to U.S. sanctions, then...

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Reddit Meme Stocks GME AMC PSY Gangnam Style News

by on June 9, 2021 0

With the failure of the content delivery network (CDN) Fastly yesterday, leaving many large websites in the dark, Reddit plots began to float across the internet explaining the hidden reasons behind offline servers. As many r / WallStreetBets users point to another massive squeeze of meme stocks (like GME / AMC), the community has...

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Las Vegas 96, Washington 93

by on June 5, 2021 0

Percentages: FG .434, FT .889. 3-point goals: 6-16, 0.375 (Williams 4-6, Young 1-1, Gray 1-5, Hamby 0-1, Plum 0-3). Team Rebounds: 5. Team Turnovers: None. Shots blocked: 1 (Youth). Turnover: 12 (Cambage 3, Gray 3, Williams 2, Wilson 2, Hamby, Plum). Flights: 9 (Youth 3, Gray 2, Williams 2, Cambage, Wilson). Technical fouls: Ace,...

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