June 19, 2021
  • June 19, 2021

Blocked Funds

Sci-Simplified: What is monsoon? Why does Kerala get the first rain? When does IMD declare onset? | The Weather Channel – Articles de The Weather Channel

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Photo file (Jipson Sikhera / YOU, BCCL, Kochi) For centuries, winds have played a crucial role in almost all long-distance travel in rough seas. One of those seasonal winds that sailors historically used to reach India was the monsoon. As it implies from its probable origin of the Arabic word Mawsim, the monsoon is...

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StanChart Unit to Launch Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

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By Alun John and Lawrence White HONG KONG / LONDON (Reuters) – A unit of Standard Chartered PLC intends to establish a cryptocurrency brokerage and exchange platform in Britain and Europe, targeting institutional clients, announced Wednesday the bank. The new exchange will be created by a joint venture between SC Ventures, the bank’s innovation...

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Trading volumes to restore, next RBA

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Asian futures: Australian ASX 200 futures fell -36 points (-0.502%), the spot market is currently valued at 7125.6 Japanese Nikkei 225 futures are down -40 points (-0.14%), the spot market is currently valued at 28,820.08 Hong Kong Hang Seng futures are down 0 points (0%), spot market is currently valued at 29,151.8 European Friday...

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The Fiji Times »New Chairperson of the Forum Fisheries Commission in Fiji

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The 118th meeting of the Forum’s Committee of Fisheries Officers (FFC) kicked off this week, with Fiji assuming the responsibility of the chair. Acting Permanent Secretary of Fisheries Pene Baleinabuli called on the regional forum to continue strengthening its efforts to address the multiple and increasingly complex issues related to sustainable fisheries management and...

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