October 11, 2021
  • October 11, 2021

Blocked Funds

Whispers, news, how to listen; Player movement continues as Jordan Dawson, Bobby Hill and Rory Lobb look for a late move; AFL commercial period;

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Transactions completed so far in the 2021 business period. If other transactions are completed and confirmed today, we will add them to the list. 1. Essendon signed uncompensated free agent Jake Kelly (Adelaide Crows) on Friday, October 1. Based on the player’s age and contract offer, the AFL informed the Adelaide Crows that the...

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How to trade Fossil Group Inc. Common Stoc FOSL

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October 09, 2021, 6:00 PM ET, BY Neal – Contributor | Publisher: Thomas H. Kee Jr. (Follow on LinkedIn) Source: Daily Stock Exchange Traders Longer term trading plans for FOSL NOTHING. Details There is no current support plan to trigger a purchase of this stock at this time. This usually means that there are...

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Towards responsible competition with China

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The announcement that Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping will meet at a virtual summit before the end of the year has raised the possibility that Washington and Beijing may begin to put in “safeguards” to prevent the US-Chinese competition to tip into outright conflict. Despite Biden’s emphasis in his address to the United...

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