September 19, 2021
  • September 19, 2021

Blog: Markets Are Moving Forward Undaunted By Changing Mask Regulations

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A welcome sight was that buyers were lining up to register on the first day of the market.

One of the hot topics of discussion leading up to this week’s Las Vegas market – because the global supply disaster wasn’t convincing enough – was: what would the masking requirements be? After a High Point market in June that almost seemed to be back to normal after the relaxed CDC mask directions in late spring, there was hope early on that Las Vegas would continue this trend.

Unfortunately, the Delta variant had other plans.

The rapid spread of the new variant of the virus has led to a widespread reimposition of local mask warrants, including one by the state of Nevada. As of July 30, the state of Nevada has indicated that it will follow recent CDC guidelines, which recommend that all individuals, vaccinated or not, wear masks in indoor public places in high transmission counties or important. Clark County, where Las Vegas resides, falls into this category (like most of the country at this point).

International Market Centers, which has always operated its markets in accordance with local mandates, said masks will be required at the entrances to all market buildings and use will be monitored in common areas.

“As has been our policy throughout the pandemic, tenants are responsible for monitoring mask compliance in their own showrooms,” an IMC spokesperson told Furniture Today. “We will continue to encourage social distancing by measuring people in the marketplace and on elevators and escalators.”

Reading this, maybe over your mask in the World Market Center, and thinking of High Point in October, it’s worth noting that, like in Las Vegas, Guilford County, North Carolina, the High Point Market headquarters last issued a similar mask warrant. the week.

You should also be aware, however, that High Point Market will advance on time, according to the High Point Market Authority. Apparently, with rumors being what they are, there has been speculation following the announcement of the masks’ mandate in North Carolina that it could impact the market timing in the fall.

It won’t.

Furniture Today has spoken to High Point Market Authority and the fall market is progressing as expected. That said, in today’s pandemic environment everything is likely to change, often quite quickly, and we will continue to monitor developments as they occur and immediately announce any changes as they occur. ‘they happen.

Throughout the pandemic, markets have shown remarkable resilience and determination to move forward in doing business in person despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. There is nothing to suggest that will change. In fact, with each passing day, despite the inconvenience or discomfort imposed by masking regulations, the market environment continues to move closer and closer to normal.

The real problem for markets has less and less to do with what people will or won’t wear on their faces and more with getting the products needed to fill showrooms and then shipping them to stores once. purchased.

The markets are advancing; now if we could say the same for the supply chain!

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