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$ 42 billion Democratic budget plan put on hold by Pritzker as energy trade stagnates again

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While many Illinois have spent Memorial Day away from work or barbecue, Congressional Democrats submitted and discussed a $ 42 billion spending plan in just 24 hours, Monday morning through Tuesday morning. And changed and voted.

New state budgetEntry into force scheduled for July 1.

However, the final version of this “easy” budget is essential, at least as defined by the Democratic Party of Japan, which manages the process, with the remaining time of the May 31 spring session, regularly scheduled by Congress. Just as the provisional energy law arrangements have collapsed. Potential government subsidies to prevent the giant Excelon nuclear power plant from shutting down three power plants were hampered over the course of several weeks. Monday night’s turmoil turned into resistance from the local government, although part of the weekend was blocked. Owned coal-fired power plants have demanded that their facilities be phased out before the expiration of their estimated useful life.

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Early Tuesday morning after Senate Democrats approved the budget, Senator Don Harmon (D-Oak Park) was deeply involved in negotiating the energy bill, but using parliamentary tactics, the spending plan was JB Pritzkar . I tried not to send it to the governor. office. A spokesperson for Harmon did not respond to an early morning request for comment.

House Speaker Chris Welch (Democrat-Hillside) dissolved the House after 2:30 a.m. but made technical but necessary changes to a major criminal justice agenda promoted by the Illinois Black Legislative Caucus in January . Some key elements, in particular, are still not completed. However, members of Congress may soon meet in Springfield until the results of the energy omnibus trade are available.

Company left behind

The Senate will stage a skirmish on Tuesday morning, and in particular could pass a bill allowing limited sports betting for the state’s college teams – excluded from Illinois sports betting legalization law. Only at the casino, after a violent reaction from the sports director of the college whose clause was voted in two years.

Over the weekend, the House Democratic Party barely approved. measured Gives Illinois State Police the Resources and Capacity to Clear Huge Backlog of Gun Owner ID Applications, COVID-19 Pandemic Increases Gun Ownership fire and ISPs are finding socially distant workflows. In March, the Illinois State Police Association filed a federal lawsuit to fill the line.

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However, a proposal promoted on Saturday by suburban Democrats in the House of Commons required all gun owners in Illinois to take their fingerprints. Senate Democrats are reluctant to take this approach. This bill was retained in the House of Representatives after its adoption and could not be transferred to the Senate.

Instead, in a few hours of regular meetings scheduled for Sunday night, Democratic senators Competing invoices It has many of the same provisions as the Democratic House version, but there are no mandatory fingerprints on all FOID cardholders. This is a major problem with the influential gun violence prevention PAC. Meanwhile, gun rights groups have said that if Governor JB Pritzker signs a mandatory fingerprint collection, he will initiate another process.

According to the legislative documents, the bill was prepared for debate and passage on Monday evening, but the bill was never called.

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Caucus error

Disagreements between caucuses are a fact of life in politics, but Welch and Harmon focused on them as leaders in the first spring legislative session. Harmon was elected Senate Speaker in January 2020, but two months later COVID hit Illinois and the first year he led the Senate Democratic Party has been very rare and limited, while following a protocol of strict pandemic. The number of legislations has been included.

Welch became the first Speaker of the House, Black Illinois, a year later, when longtime Speaker of the House, Mike Madigan, lost the important support of Democrats in Congress. Last summer, against the Commonwealth Edison power company. ComEd admits that former lobbyists and executives have devised a year-long bribery program that benefits Madigan, but the former president has not been charged.

At a midnight press conference Tuesday morning, Welch turned the sunlight between himself and Harmon as a byproduct of Democratic diversity.

“We don’t always agree. Sometimes we don’t agree, ”Welch said. “And that’s because of our diversity. We should be proud of this, because disagreements can make you stronger. It is very important for democracy. I think that’s part of it. “

Republican surprise

The budgeting process was not a bipartisan issue this spring or last year, and confused Republicans during the much-interrupted COVID legislative session in Congress last May.

Anger at Gov. JB Pritzker over many issues related to the pandemic, especially the one-sided response to UI delays and complications, has spread beyond party lines, but Republicans are much more vocal about the issue. of their mistakes. In addition, a fierce campaign against last year’s gradual income tax reform bill signed by Mr Pritzkar increased tensions, but voters rejected it.

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And as the next election year approaches, legislation promoted by the Democratic Party will postpone the usual mid-March primary in Illinois until the end of June next year. Part of that change is because the Democratic Party carried over the new parliamentary district map as well as the legislature map this spring and split the Illinois Supreme Court map for the first time into about 60 years.

When the budget bill flooded the House chamber shortly before midnight, Republican Leader Jim Durkin (Republican-Western Springs) again complained to the majority.

“I was hopeful this year, and hope for a new day in Springfield,” said Darkin, a term he’s used dozens of times since Welch replaced Madigan in January. “From what happened tonight, I couldn’t go wrong anymore.”

Earlier Monday, the Democratic Party finally released a long-awaited proposal to strengthen ethical law as federal prosecutor Jon Rauch’s investigation progressed. The new language is Madigan’s longtime chief of staff and his political right-hand man. It came five days after he was charged with false testimony for lying to a grand jury about Madigan’s deal with ComEd.

Ethics legislation has refined some aspects of state lobbying law and strengthened the economic disclosure obligations of lawmakers, but not as much as Congress’ own oversight body requires.

State Congressman Avery Bourne (Republican-Morrisonville) argued that the new criteria include, for example, a loophole that allows lawmakers to become lobbyists soon after leaving Congress. He says he wants to ban it systematically.

“I’m going to vote for this because there are very small steps in the right direction, but the general public and this group should demand something much better than that. Said Bourne.

Five House Republicans voted against the bill.

Asked by reporters about his relationship with Republican leaders at a 3 a.m. press conference, Welch said he had an “excellent relationship” with many fellow Republicans, but had lunched with Darkin. . I did not respond if I should take it.

“There will be things we don’t agree with – we’re Democrats and Republicans. Our core values ​​are different, ”Welch said. “The time will come when we can come to an agreement and work together on these things. There have been many such cases in this session, but we are Democrats and we are. They are Republicans. Of course, we would not agree. “

The new budget is spending roughly the same amount this year that the state is spending, but given Illinois’ more than expected economic recovery from COVID and billions of dollars in federal stimulus funding, it’s a big source of income. Varied. Democrats praised the self-proclaimed budget cuts, but Republicans turned away and voted against the spending plans.

The day after Pritzker’s graduation income tax failed at the polls, the governor issued a stern warning.

The governor sighed on November 4, saying: “There will be cuts”.

At that time, a second pandemic struck the state, causing a rapid increase in COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths in Illinois, forcing restaurants, bars and other businesses to close, slashing profits and slashing Illinois. This had an additional impact on profits.

But six months later, 5.2 million Illinois residents fully immunized – needless to say, the $ 8.1 billion US Relief Planning Act directly funds the state – Illinois’ financial condition , better than I imagined.

“The world has changed in the past few months,” said Greg Harris (Democrat-Chicago), House of Representatives head of budget deliberation. Increases.

“[Democratic lawmakers and staff, along with Pritzker’s office] I worked hard with all the tools and techniques to avoid the cuts, ”said Harris. “We wanted to make sure we didn’t reduce the number of towns, villages, school districts, hospitals, daycares… we wanted to keep people active, and we found a lot of ways. I did. “

This winter, Pritzker recommended closing nearly $ 1 billion in what he calls corporate tax loopholes. The Democratic Party ultimately cuts only about half of its tax credits and private schools. He maintained a popular tax credit program for scholarship donations, but reinstated the corporate tax he helped abolish two years ago.

$ 42 billion Democratic budget plan put on hold by Pritzker as energy trade stagnates again

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