Advantages Of Having An Insurance Mediator

Discover the benefits of having an insurance mediator when hiring one. In Bob Hornly we want to make your life and your accounts easier, so today we discover the figure of the insurance mediator


Types of insurance mediators

Types of insurance mediators

Before you start talking about how you could benefit from having an insurance mediator, it is important to be clear about what an insurance mediator is.

The insurance mediators are people, physical or legal, who work as insurance advisors, about the different characteristics and coverage that best fit your needs, analyzing the risks to which you could be exposed and the economic consequences that they could show up.

There are three types of mediators: agents, banking operators, and brokers. Each one has particular characteristics that identify it.

Insurance agents are those who have a direct contract with the insurer ; Banca-Seguros operators are those who work as exclusive agents of the distribution networks of credit institutions; and the brokers, are the experts who offer independent, professional and impartial advice to any insurer, guaranteeing personalized attention and a wide range of offers and products.


Advantages of having an insurance mediator

Advantages of having an insurance mediator

Having a mediator when hiring insurance can bring you many advantages, including the most important ones:



Being a mediator is an equivalent of professionalism, that is, it has a high degree of knowledge and expertise in the world of insurance . It also requires complete qualified training to meet the needs of each insured.


Personalized advice

One of the most important functions of the mediator, goes beyond personalized advice aimed at choosing the insurance that best suits your needs, because it is a task that could be extended throughout the life of your insurance.


Effective management and after-sales

Having an insurance mediator, not only implies having the assistance prior to contracting the insurance, but also during and especially in the after sales. Following it by adapting your needs and monitoring the fulfillment of the contracts by the insurance companies . In addition, they take care of all the procedures of your claims, helping to expedite all your procedures and watching over you before the insurer.


You don’t have to pay a single euro

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Regardless of the type of mediator, it will not incur any extra cost. Since their economic income depends on the insurance entities.



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By regulation of law 27/2006 of July 17, every insurance mediator must have a specific degree of training. So it is synonymous with transparency and security.

In the case of Bob Hornly Insurance, we don’t marry anyone, just with you as a user, that’s why we always seek and negotiate with the insurers the best prices and coverage for you. And best of all, you won’t have to do anything at all, because we take care of everything for you.